Portrait photography

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY usually shows an environment or a context, communicates a mood, or shows a personality.

Portraits might also be of groups of people, such as your management team, board members, executive group, or colleagues.

For example, a portrait of a management group might show them to be contemporary, open, approachable and positive. Or an executive portrait might communicate experience, wisdom, and professionalism. Perhaps an individual portrait of a creative artist might show him or her to be direct, engaging, contemporary and interesting.

A portrait session enables you to communicate the mood, feeling, personality, and the story that you want your portrait to reveal. Different photographic techniques, lighting, locations, poses and even your clothing choices all contribute to the effect, the narrative, and the impact of your portrait.

So whether you’re an executive or an artist, a craftsman or a sportsperson, an actor or a CEO … I would love to help you tell your story with your portrait.