Corporate and Professional Headshots

An example headshot on a light background. An example headshot on a light background.
Professional headshot photograph. Professional headshot photograph.


You’re in a hurry … you need to get an idea of the cost, right?

In my Studio

$195 for a single headshot session at my studio in Wright.

This includes your selection of two images, with general retouching, made available to you as high-resolution jpeg files that you will be able to download.

Or at your location in Canberra

The fee depends on the number of people:

1 person
2 people
3 people
4+ people
$380 + $25 for every person

These fees are for standard professional headshots like the examples shown here, normally on white, grey, or black backgrounds.

If you need something a little bit different then let me know and I’ll provide a customised quote for you.

PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS do more than just show the world what you look like. They are often the very first impression that you give of your business and of what you do. A great headshot photo gives a great impression — an impression that people notice and that makes you stand out, an impression that speaks to the quality and professionalism of your work. Your headshot photographs are investments that are worth doing well.

Classic-looking corporate headshots on neutral backgrounds such as black, grey, and white are perfect for corporate/business purposes. Neutral backgrounds mean that the pictures work easily in any context, which is not always the case with coloured backgrounds.

Contemporary headshots are often characterised by more relaxed expressions and poses, and different lighting and camera styles, which often result in a more personal, close-up look. This sort of headshot works really well for artists, writers, actors, musicians ... for those who need an individual look rather than a business or corporate look.

At your location

Whether you need corporate headshots for one person or fifty I can come to your location and do them for you onsite, easily. All it takes is a few square metres of space — a meeting room, an office, even a corridor — and the professional lighting and other equipment that I use ensures quality is not compromised in any way regardless of the location.

The best thing is that onsite sessions only require a couple of minutes of the people's time. Executives and busy people appreciate the fact that they need only spare two or three minutes, which is all it takes to get corporate headshots of the calibre you see on this page.

The picture here shows a typical location corporate headshot setup — in this case it's in a client's meeting room.

A typical setup for a corporate headshot session. In this case the session took place in a meeting room.

In my studio

If you're looking for headshots just for yourself then let's make a time for you to come out to my studio in Wright. You'll get to see the pictures as we make them, and before you leave you'll have chosen up to four headshots that I'll prepare for you to download, usually by the next day.

Session times are completely flexible so if you would prefer a time on a weekend or evening then that's no problem.

Outdoor headshots

Location headshots are an effective way to completely personalise your image. The background or environment in which you choose to have your photographs made adds a great deal to what you communicate in your photo, so it's important to choose that location carefully. For example, do you want to show yourself as belonging to an urban environment, a natural environment, or perhaps a homely one, or one in which your work or profession somehow forms an environmental context. Or perhaps even something more abstract. Use your location choice to help show who you are, not just what you look like.