Corporate event photography

YOUR EVENTS SHOWCASE YOUR MILESTONES, and images can document your achievements better than any other media.

Professional photography at your event goes a long way to representing the professionalism and stature of your organisation, and it need not be prohibitively expensive. If you need to show your events and activities to your stakeholders, clients, and public, I can help you do so with images that speak to the quality of what you do.

Corporate event photography requires the experience, equipment and skill to quickly assess what is required to make the best images in a whole variety of different and often very challenging environments. I’ll work with you and your event managers to ensure you get the images that tell the story and show the highlights of your business or corporate event.


As you can imagine, fees for event photography can vary as widely as the events themselves.

To start

$350 is about the minimum fee that I normally charge. Typically that would be a 1-2 hour day-time corporate event such as a speech, presentation, opening … that sort of thing.

The price increases depending on the time involved, the complexity of the photography, whether assistants are required, and many other factors.

If you were to push me for a generalisation, I would say that you would need to budget around the $500 mark for a typical 3-hour corporate event that I can cover by myself.

Give me a call and I’ll give you an estimate pretty quickly.

Typically …

The price that I quote includes the coverage, the image processing, digital delivery of high and low resolution jpeg files, and the usage rights for the images.

In most cases you’ll get a selection of the main images from your event very soon afterwards so you have something to use for your immediate media and online purposes. The rest of the selected images follow, normally within 1-2 days.

But let me know your organisation’s time frames and I’ll work to them.